About us


Just like showering in the morning, washing your car each week is a necessary part of life. Here on Hancock Street, we don’t just think of keeping your car clean as a necessity, we make an art form and a way of life! We are located centrally and conveniently, only minutes away from downtown Quincy, so why don’t you come to our place and let us wash your baby.




We can protect your car from the tough New England weather, and get all that salt off during the winter with our undercarriage wash before it can do any damage. We can keep your car looking beautiful, and maintain its resale value. Plus have you ever considered how that extra dirt is affecting your gas mileage? We don’t have the exact numbers, but we’re sure it adds up!


What we do – Exterior Washes


Everything you need to make you and your vehicle happy is right here! Are you in a rush, but afraid that bristles and friction in a standard drive-through wash will harm your car? With good reason, standard bristle washes are almost exactly like cleaning your car with pebbles! Luckily, you don’t ever have to sacrifice quality for time ever again. Our state of the art Touchless Drive Through Car Wash is the pinnacle of German engineering. It is open from 7 to 7 on weekdays, and will wash your car in moments. Nothing touches your sweet ride, but soap and water, and we can always add blue coral clear coat wax, blue coral polish foam wax, wheel bright, and/or rust inhibitor for an extra special treat.


Interior & Exterior Detailing


Do you love that new car smell, but no longer able to buy a new car every two weeks because of the recent economic crisis? We can be the answer. We’ll hand wash and dry your vehicle, clean your tires, scrub your fender, apply all kinds of shines, waxes, and protective seals, and buff them out until your car shimmers. We’ll remove all soils and stains, give your carpets that deep clean feeling, recondition all vinyl and leather, shampoo and vacuum your upholstery, and cleaning of all dashboard vents and openings. In other words, the only difference from buying a new car is our sticker price; we’ll even top it off with an air freshener.


Self-Service Bays

Think you can put more love into cleaning your car than we do? We dare you to try. Our self-service corals are open all week from 7 am to 10pm. Come in, bring your kids, vacuums, hoses, buckets, ect. we have it all ready for you.